Will my piece have imperfections?

Each piece is made by hand, and it is impossible to predict the outcome of Resin. We will try our best to make your project as perfect as possible. However, there may be minor imperfections such as layer lines, and or debris. Some flowers tend to hold onto air while curing and may produce [...]

How do I order a product?

First, fill out the contact form and select your main piece(s)and add ons, then hit submit. Second, after receiving a confirmation email, I require a $250 nonrefundable deposit that will go toward your total purchase. This also reserves your space on my calendar. Orders under $250 must be paid in full. Third, send or [...]

How long is the process?

Each order process will take between twelve and sixteen weeks to complete. This includes time for drying your flowers, pouring, curing the Resin and any finishing touches.