Sandy’s Resin Art: Floral Preservation, Resin Art & More

Floral Preservation, Resin Art & More

Hand-made art that is both stunning and one-of-a kind

Sandy’s Resin Art can create the perfect gift for a special occasion or a lasting memorial that can be treasured for years. I design every piece using fresh or pre-dried blooms; they can be encased in many shapes and sizes. Each bouquet reflects that person’s personality, making sure their memories last forever!

Resin Product Gallery

Find the perfect and personalized gift from the selection below.

11” Hexagon

9” Hexagon

5in Hex

5” Hexagon

11" x 14" Resin Serving Tray

11” x 14” Serving Tray

8x8 Square Block

8”x8” Block

5x5x5 Block

5”x5”x5” Block

6.5x5 Teardrop

6.5”x5” Tear Drop

Book Ends

5”x4” Book Ends

4x4x Block

4”x4” Block

Faceted Ring Holder

Faceted Ring Holder

3”x3” Heart

Wine Stoppers

Wine Stoppers

Bottle Openers

Bottle Opener (1)

1in Deep Coasters

1in Coasters (Set of Four)

3in Tealight Holder

Faceted Tea Light Holder

Whitewash Wooden Tray

16in X 5in White Wash Wooden Tray

11in Round Wooden Tray

11in Round Wooden Tray

Frequently Asked Questions

More Resin Ideas and Options:

Will my piece have imperfections?

Each piece is made by hand, and it is impossible to predict the outcome of Resin. We will try our best to make your project as perfect as possible. However, there may be minor imperfections such as layer lines, and or debris. Some flowers tend to hold onto air while curing and may produce an occasional bubble; others can bruise causing translucent spots or turn darker. Over time the nature of resin may take on an amber hue, even though I use a high-quality resin with UV inhibitors.

How do I order a product?

First, fill out the contact form and select your main piece(s)and add ons, then hit submit. Second, after receiving a confirmation email, I require a $250 nonrefundable deposit that will go toward your total purchase. This also reserves your space on my calendar. Orders under $250 must be paid in full. Third, send or drop off your flowers as soon as possible following your event. Details will be sent on how to ship your flowers.

How long is the process?

Each order process will take between twelve and sixteen weeks to complete. This includes time for drying your flowers, pouring, curing the Resin and any finishing touches.

Will ALL my flowers be used?

I will use as many flowers as possible and use only the best ones for the size of your piece. If there are any unused flowers, I will not ship them back.

Do you preserve succulents?

I do not preserve succulents; they hold water and do not dry well. However artificial ones can be substituted.

Sandys Resin Art is now offering the option to add color to the background of your resin block, or you can add photos , charms or ribbons.

If you’re not sure of items you can add or you don’t see a size or shape you want. Please feel free to message me. I’d be more than happy to talk with you.

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Resin Product Gallery

More handmade pieces of resin art that you’ll cherish for a lifetime!

Resin Art Ordering Form

Make your selections and submit your order with the form below. Once I have received your order, I will contact you and arrange for a deposit payment. I accept Venmo for safe and secure ordering.

Preservation Process

The following is what the resin process will look like with your project! For best results ship flowers as soon as possible after your event.

Flowers Received: Once I receive your flowers, I will dissemble your bouquet and pick the best flowers to dry. Depending on the flower type, this process can take up to four weeks. Once the flowers are dry, I will send you a complimentary design layout for your approval. (Only 5” and above floral blocks are eligible for design approval.)

If your flowers arrive damaged and cannot be preserved, I will substitute flowers for you at an additional cost, or you can have your florist recreate your bouquet. If you prefer not to ship your live flowers, I can also preserve previously dried flowers. I can send you instructions on how to dry them.

Design Approval: Please specify in the comment section if you have any special requests for your floral design. You can request one edit before your flowers are cast, there is an additional charge for more. The less your flowers are handled the better. I will then send you an invoice for final payment. I will not start the Resin process until I receive your final payment. Please remit payment as soon as possible.

Resin Process: Your flowers will be arranged in a mold of your choice. The resin process is terribly slow. Resin must be poured in ¼”-½” layers and let dry before moving forward to the next one. This process can take up to eight weeks or more depending on the size of the project. Once I finish the final layer the piece must dry completely before it is taken out of the mold. The final process with resin is to sand, topcoat and polish. Then shipped!

Shipping: Once your box is ready to be shipped, I will notify you! I will need your complete shipping address. There will be no charge for shipping. All packages are insured, once your package leaves my studio I will not be responsible for loss or damage. I will send you a tracking number once shipped.

Meet Sandy, The Artist

Customer Testimonials

Hi, I’m Sandy: The Face Behind The Flowers

When my father passed away there were many beautiful flower bouquets at his funeral. I wanted to take each one of them home, especially the roses, they were my dad’s favorite. During that time, I did not realize I could dry the flowers and preserve them. One day, while on YouTube I discovered a channel that precisely showed how to preserve flowers in a material called resin. Instantly hooked, I bought everything needed, and with some trial and error I learned the process. Since that time, many memories of weddings, engagements, memorials, and just-because occasions have been created.

Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you!


Love these, they are beautiful. Thank you, thank you! They are great quality and shipped fast! ~ Holly

This was by far the best purchase I’ve made!  Now I will forever have a beautiful token to remember my wedding day! Not only is it incredible quality, but customer service was incredible. She kept me up to date with the entire process and even sent me a picture of my flower block before shipping it. Highly, highly, recommend. ~ Madison H.

Gorgeous, so pretty, I love it. A very nice seller. Very prompt in communication, and so pleasant to chat with. ~ RQ

Absolutely beautiful! The wildflowers used are pretty, delicate and make a beautiful statement. So pleased with these. ~ Rosann W.

Lovely and unique gift. Well made! ~ Pam F.